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Your supply for premium wholesale apparel, promotional print products and design.


We pride ourselves on having high quality goods that meet buyer supply demands. 


Print quality can make or break a brand. We know this and focus on providing the highest standard available to our consumers.


Getting shirts that fit the style, design and comfort is what we strive for. With any budget we can supply your ideal tee.

Expect the best
print and supply combined together

Having to shop around for ideal sources of print and product can become burdensome. We know the value of quality working with companies for the past 10 years. This dedication gave our buyers the best product supply to choose from. Our print and supply meets the needs you’re looking for.


The Main Features

The pride we have in our supply and our products aim to meet the needs of our customers.

Quality Prints
Wide Selection
Quick Orders
Our story

How We Were Founded

BBG Supply Co. was established to supply premium wholesale apparel, t-shirts, sweats, athletic gear and lifestyle garments in the early 2000s.

The demand to combine quality, quick orders and a diverse apparel list increased the growth of the company.

Now BBG works with top suppliers to provide exceptional apparel quality to local and global markets.

Our Philosophy

At Better Be Good, we are committed to the
following goals:

• To supply high quality print and apparel products
to consumers, 

• To provide the highest level of customer service,

• To source the best print and apparel,

• To work with innovative suppliers, and

• To strive to be the best in all areas we serve